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Event: Artistic freedom, development & tolerance

Written by admin on November 27th, 2009

Invitation: Artistic freedom, development & tolerance
Where: Cafe & Restaurant Trianon, Berg en Dalseweg Nijmegen,
Date: 12 December 2009.
Time: from 1:00 till 7:00pm.
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Event: Artistic freedom, development & tolerance

We would like to invite you to a cultural event in Nijmegen on the role of art and culture in developing world on the 12the of December 2009,

Ilays, redsea-online and Kayd have organised the first cultural festival in Somaliland, Mooge Festival and Hargeysa International Book Fair, 22 -27 July 2009. The key question of the festival was whether Art and Culture can contribute to the creation of tolerance. At this event we want to showcase a documentary film and discuss with the Somali communities, NGO’s working with and for Somali communities and the artists them self whether art can be use as a tool for social chances.

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Somali Week Festival 2009: opportunity to get a taste of ‘Suugaan’

Written by admin on November 16th, 2009

by Bilan Yusuf
Baqayo Rogad.
I was very excited at the prospect of watching a play performed live and following the traditional Somali theatre format. For too long I have heard about ‘riwayads’ taking place in London, only to find that they were merely music concerts and no theatrical performances were taking place. Baqayo Rogad was different in every way to the normal London ‘riwayad’ and it was refreshing to see that a well written and acted play could keep an audiences’ attention without the need to resort to music or even use of microphones.

The story line was entertaining, reflecting the mood of the times and the growing number of older men marrying younger women, the latest being the recent marriage of a 112 year old man to a willing 17 year old girl. The play tackled the issues well and even the older men were able to laugh at themselves without any offence being caused. The fact that the actors weren’t using any microphones meant that they were free to move around and this added to the enjoyment of the audience. I doubt anyone will forget the main characters attempt at ‘baqayo rogad’, this being an indication of the freedom that comes with not being constrained by microphones.

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Review on: London Somali Week-Oxford House

Written by admin on November 16th, 2009

London Somali Week is a festival that has been running for the last 3 years. It was started by Ayan Mohamoud who is a community activist. London Somali week runs alongside black history month and aims to showcase Somali arts, theatre, poetry, music and literature. Each year has a different theme and this year’s theme was censorship. London Somali week festival consists of activities that run for a whole week but I was only fortunate enough to attend one of these events, therefore my review will only cover that day that I attended.

As usual the event started late but as a Somali I was quite used to that so did not think of it as anything other than the ordinary. It was a full house and many late comers stood on the edges of the room as the seats filled up very fast. When I looked around the room I could instantly recognise that this was a popular event as both old, young, female and male Somali’s were present. It was great to see this balance as this not always the case at most Somali events. The atmosphere in the room was one of sheer excitement at what would proceed.

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Bandhiggii Toddobaadka iyo Soomaalida oo gabagaboobay

Written by admin on November 9th, 2009

Sidii uu qorshuhu ahaa cawaysnimadii Sabtida ee 31/10/2009 ayaa Daarta Oxford House, Bariga Landhan, waxa ku soo afjarmay Bandhiggii Dhaqanka iyo Suugaanta Soomaalida oo halkaas ka socdey tan iyo Oktoobar 23-keedii.

Ilaa 200 qof oo habeenkaas soo booqday Oxford House waxa indhaha iyo quluubtooda soo jiidanayey carwo buugaaneed weyn oo Oxford House lagu soo bandhigay. Waxa madashaa wadhnaa in ka badan 100 buug oo Afsoomaali ku qoran. Labada shirkadood ee buugaagta daabaca ee iyo Scansom, ayaa ka soo qaybgalay bandhiggaas.
Waxa kale oo iyana goobjoog ahaa qorayaal Soomaaliyeed oo dhawr ahaa, kana hadlay kaalinta iyo ahmiyadda qoraalka iyo wax akhrisku ka qaataan horumarka quruumaha. Rashiid Sheekh cabdillaahi, Saciid Cali Shire, Cumar Bile, Cabdiraxmaan Abtidoon, Maxamed Sheekh Xasan, Jaamac Muuse Jaamac iyo Maxamed Baashe X. Xasan ayaa ka mid ahaa qorayaashaas. Gaar ahaan Jaamac Muuse Jaamac ayaa abaalmarin guddoonsiiyey Maxamed Baashe Xaaji Xasan, taas oo Ururka Qoraaga Somaliland hore ugu aqoonsaday kaalinta koowaad buuggiisa Hal Aan Tebayey buugaagtii la qiimeeyey sannadkii 2008.
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Somali Week Festival – Baqaya-rogad

Written by admin on November 7th, 2009

Baqaya-rogad @ Somali Week Festival 2009

This is the second time we are putting on ‘Baqayo Roged’, a drama produced by Abdirahman Yusuf Arten, the first time being in Hargeisa this past July. Kayd is pleased to be working in partnership with Chisendale Dance Space on this one-act play that deals
with some of the core principles of the Festival, namely gender equality and tolerance. After the play there will be a short discussion about the issues raised with Ali Ahmed Rabi, Rashid Sheekh Abdilahi, and Martin Orwin.