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Somaliland Diaspora Voices: National Somaliland Youth Day and Commemoration of Dhagax-tuur

Written by admin on February 13th, 2011

Saturday 19 February, at 3pm till late, Praxis community, Pott street London E2 0EF, Bethnal Green station.

Somaliland Diaspora voices invites you to the commemoration of Dhagax-tuur, the official Somaliland at National youth day. On this day we are calling out to Somalilanders and friends to contribute to our DROUGHT APPEAL. This devastating situation is currently affecting more then 40% of our people. Our priority is to provide water, through the local groups who are already working in the area, to those affected most severely by the drought the spirit of 20 February is solidarity and social consciousness: On the 20th February 1982, school students took to the streets to protest by stone-throwing (Dhagax-tuur) against the oppression, injustice and killings of citizens. They were fighting particularly against the trial and death sentencing of UFFO, group of young professionals who where volunteering for Hargeysa Hospital.

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