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Announcement of four new books!

Written by admin on June 10th, 2011

We are eager to announce the first set of books to be launched in Hargeysa International Book Fair – check our websites as more books are to come this year!

Beerta Xayawaanka, George Orwell, translated by Maxamed Yuusuf Cartan
Iswaydaarsi (Exchage) series No. 1

ISBN 9788888934204, Pages 138, Pisa, Ponte Invisibile (, 2011
George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” translated by the late Mohamed Yuusuf Cartan is just published again with copyright permission. The book is chosen as one of those literature works that will be distributed to the young readers in Somaliland to read in public excerpts during the Moving Library tour in the Hargeysa International Book Fair in July 2011. The translation of this volume begins a new series of books called “Iswaydaarsi” (exchange) which intends to provide specific knowledge of the international classical literature to the young Somali speaking readership. The Iswaydaarsi series will also include renowned Somali literature translated into foreign language, with the ultimate objective being to harmonize the cultural exchange between written and oral traditions.

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