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Kayd Open Talk: afternoon with Mohamed Hirsi Guiled “Abdibashir”

Written by admin on June 9th, 2016
Maxamed Xirsi Guuleed "Abdibashir", writer and poet.

Maxamed Xirsi Guuleed “Abdibashir”, writer and poet.

Kayd Somali Arts & Culture invites you to the 4th Open Talk with Mohamed Hirsi Guiled (Abdibashir) to present his work and books on Saturday, 2nd July, 2pm at Oxford House, Derbyshire, London, E2 6HG.

Abdibashir is a teacher, religious leader, and writer of more than 10 books; Aan ooyee albaabla, Caqiidada islaamka, Isdaahirinta Muslinka, Hableheenna, Shirrabid hal abuur, Cilmiboodhari Caashaqiisii, Goob Joog, and many other books. Most of his work and books are dedicated to his faith, social issues and Somali literature mainly poetry. The writer will present his work: will share with us why writing is important to him, present some of his books and the themes of his books. Abdibashir writes in Somali and the presentation his presentation will be Somali.
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