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Announcement: four new Books!

Written by admin on June 6th, 2010


Adduun iyo Taladdii – A Collection of Essays about Citizenship by Rashid Sheikh Abdillahi ‘Gadhwayne’
Taxanaha Cursiyo – 4. Ponte Invisibile (
ISBN 88-88934-16-2. Pisa, 2010

Tolow Colka Jooja: Salaan Carrabey- The life and literature of a legendary Somali poet by Yusuf Shaacir
Ponte Invisibile (
ISBN 88-88934-10-3. Pisa, 2010

Hiil – Waayaha Dadka La Hayb-sooco by Hassan Abdi Madar
Taxanaha Cursiyo – 3. Ponte Invisibile (
ISBN 88-88934-15-4. Pisa, 2010

‘Fanka, Masraxa iyo Suugaantiisa’ – Somali Theatre and Literature by Abdirahman Yusuf Arten
Ponte Invisibile (
ISBN 88-88934-14-6. Pisa, 2010

Adduun iyo Taladdii – A Collection of Essays about Citizenship by Rashid Sheikh Abdillahi ‘Gadhwayne’
Adduun Iyo Taladdii is a new book written by Rashid Sheikh Abdillahi ‘Gadhwayne’ which touches the essence of citizenship. ‘Gadhweyne’ is a scholar, social scientist, and literary critic. No other book is more at home in the Curis Series than the work of Rashid Sheikh Abdillahi ‘Gadhwayne’. In his collection of essays Rashid deals with different aspects of citizenship, which are interconnected and fully complement each other. This book enlightens the reader on various subjects with vital impacts on the building blocks of each society by exploring the themes such as freedom, tolerance, righteousness, equality, and their true normative, ethical, deep moral meaning in the Somali context. It is a work which is inspired by his great sense of social responsibility.

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Showing “The End Of The Road?”

Written by ayan on May 25th, 2010

Kayd Somali Arts and Culture is inviting you to  a showing of “The End Of The Road?”
Friday 17 September at 6pm –  at oxford house, Derbyshire street, E2 6HG.

This short satirical play deals with the challenges and issues facing a small family living in London and a young unwed couple. This play will use the Somali poetic tradition to highlight and discuss social issues .

This small yet boisterous family are at the centre of this play about the dangers of road, khat abuse and other family matters; these issues are dealt with in the typically dark Somali humour and has been written By: Ali Ahmed Rabi and Yasmin Mahamoud and directed by Anthony ekundayo lennon. It will be Performed by: Aar Maanta, Bishaaro Mahamed, Kaltuun Bacado, Amina Ibrahim and Hanhanteeye.

Sponsored by Tower Hamlets Safety & Sustainability.