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Gathering to commemorate Dr. Abdishakur Shiekh Ali Jowhar

Written by admin on May 17th, 2012

Inaalilaahi wa inaa ilayhi Raajicuun.

Please join us for a gathering to commemorate our friend, colleague and fellow countryman late Abdishakur Sheikh Ali Jowhar, this coming Sunday, 20th May 2012, at 17:30 at Oxford House, Derby shire, E2 6HG London

It is with great sadness that we received news about the passing of our great scholar, comrade, patriot and fellow countryman Dr Abdishakur Sheikh Ali Jawhar, might God bless his soul.

Marxuun Abdishakur Sheikh Ali Jowhar was an honest and committed independent thinker, healer and activist. As we are forced to contemplate a world without his direct counsel, assistance and kind words, we also take comfort knowing that he left us with many fond memories and gave a nation in search of guidance the kindest gift of all, his erudite writings.
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Press Release from Camden Creative: Are you Somali of any age and background, and are moving permanently to Mogadishu?

Written by admin on May 17th, 2012

Press Release from Camden Creative.

Mogadishu. 2012. What could draw an individual living in the Somali Diaspora to
move permanently to a city so plagued by violence and instability? What is the reality
of life there beyond the headlines? Our documentary ‘Back to Somalia’ intends to
answer these questions and many others by following three individuals from the U.K,
Canada and Kenya as they settle in Mogadishu. We intend to make an inspiring film
that peels back the layers of myth and misunderstanding around life in Mogadishu and
shows the opportunities, challenges and practicalities of life in a city ruined by twenty
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