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Somali Week Festival: What is it all about?

Written by admin on October 29th, 2012

By Munira Ali
On the 17th of October, a group of eager young individuals hoping to volunteer at this year’s Somali Week Festival gathered at an empty cafe to meet the Festival’s self-effacing and dogged organisers, Ayan and Saynab. With discernible passion, the organisers began to describe what the festival was all about. They fervently declared that it is a chance to promote the Somali Arts, a platform to showcase the talent of emerging and honoured Somali artists, thinkers and poets- it is a celebration with a purpose and everyone is invited. But it is also much more. It’s a movement; a brazen attempt to upset the prevailing narrative. Somali Week lasts for only ten days, but the hope is that it’s fearlessly optimistic message will live on
in people’s minds all year round.

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Somali Week Festivl 2012 – The programme

Written by admin on October 14th, 2012
Somali Week Festival 2012 guests

Somali Week Festival 2012 Guests


Opening day:Friday 19th October, 6pm

We are delighted to welcome for this year’s Somali Week Festival 2012, Friday, 19 October, 6pm at oxford House, Derbyshire, London, E2 6HG: Our great international guests, including Ismail Abdi Ibrahim ‘Basbaas’, Mahamed Ibrahim Warsame “H…adraawi”, Said Saleh Ahmed, Hussein Sheikh Ahmed ‘Kaddare’ Hassan Qawdhan, Musse Ali Faruur, Abdidhuh Yusuf, Giorgio Banti, Cabdalla Mansuur, Mohamed Daahir Afrah, Evan Christopher, Ali Hasan ‘Banfas’, Abdilahi Awad awadgale, and Roland Marchal!

Read the programme of events and pencil your dates!

Maxamed Xaashi Dhamac “Gaarriye” (1949-2012)

Written by admin on October 1st, 2012

Maxamed Xaashi Dhamac “Gaarriye” (1949-2012)

Organizers of Somali Week Festival and their partners mourn the death of Maxamed Xaashi Dhamac “Gaarriye”, one of the most famous living Somali speaking poets. Gaarriye’s last night premature death reaches us few days after the death of Faisal Omer Mushteeg, an other prominent artist. The organizers of the festival, their partners and the visiting artists share the loss of Maxamed Xaashi Dhamac “Gaarriye” with his family and friends.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues.

Ilaahay ha u naxariisto. Aammiin.