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Written by admin on January 12th, 2013

The translated work of the greatest Somali poet, Mahamed Ibrahim Warsame ‘Hadraawi’

We, in Kayd Somali Art and Culture, Redsea –online Culture Foundation and the Poetry Translation Centre take pride and pleasure to announce the publication for the first time of selected poems of the Somali master of wordsmith, Maxamed Ibraahim Warsame HADRAAWI along with their English translations.

Hadraawi has been recently awarded the prestigious Prince Claus Award for his immense contribution in creating brilliant meaningful poetry over the past 40 years. The presentation ceremony of the award by His Excellency Joost Reintjes, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands will be towards the end of February 2013. Our publication of Hadraawi’s work is primarily meant to register our acknowledgement and appreciation of his magnificent role in the promotion of Somali arts and culture. We nonetheless wish to highlight this felicitous occasion.

In this modest publication we have selected only eight of his huge literary treasure trove:

Hal La Qalay .. (The Killing of the She-camel)
Hooyooy La’aantaa.. (Mother’s Love)
Dhigaalka FarSoomaalida.. ( adoption of written script for my language)
Cajabey, Cajabey..( A love beyond compare)
Sirta Nolosha..(Life’s Essence)
Bulsho.. (My people)
Jacayl Dhiig Ma Lagu Qoray.. (Has Love Been Ever Written inBlood ! Read the rest of this entry »