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British Muslims mark Black History Month with culture showcase

Written by admin on October 16th, 2014

Photo from Al Arabia Net (Jim Brown, left, and Muhammad Ali were friends who nearly became foes in the ring. (Courtesy: The Associated Press))

The Somali Week Festival featured by the Al Arabia. Read the article on Al Arabia Net.

By Jenny McCall | Special to Al Arabiya News

“It’s important for people of different faiths and ethnic groups to acknowledge and be involved in BHM,” Zainab Dahir, a Muslim Somali novelist from London, told Al Arabiya News.

She says she has celebrated BHM with her family for many years and sees it not just as an opportunity to showcase black culture but also to represent the Muslim community.

For many British Muslims, October is a fruitful time, consisting of Eid celebrations as well as BHM.