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London welcomes great artist Shay Mirre Dacar

Written by admin on November 13th, 2014

Kayd Somali Arts and Culture and West London Somaliland Community would like to invite you to the Show – “Shay Mire Dacar and London, Friday 28th November, 8pm, Greenford Assembly, Ruislip Rd, Greenford, London, Middlesex UB6 9QN.

Shay Mirre will be joined by London based artists such us
Sir Mahamoud Omer (Walaalaha Sweden) Nimco Yasiin Arale, Maryan Mursal, Nimo Degan, Abdirizak ‘Gaadaco, ’Ikran Arale, Abdikhalaq, Abdi Holand and more.

Ticket price: £20