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International Mother Language Day

Written by admin on February 4th, 2015

Kayd Somali Arts and Culture is delighted to invite you to the International Mother Language Day, And Paying Homage to Two Great Somali Artists, Mohamed Ahmed KULUC and Hussein Sheikh Ahmed KADDARE, Saturday, 21st, February 2015, 2pm at Oxford House, Derbyshire street, London, E2 6HG

The 21st of this month, February, 2015 marks the International Mother Language Day called for by the UN/UNESCO to alert all its member states of the danger facing one of the pillars on which their nationhood rests – the preservation and promotion of their indigenous languages. The message is, however, meant to address in particular those fragile nation states whose native languages are more likely to suffer the scourge of extinction if serious and conscientious efforts are not taken in time at all levels of the society.

As it is beset by numerous problems and unyielding challenges, the Somali
Language starkly stands as one of the most concerned when talking about the dangers that lie ahead in our times, ironically termed The Age of Information. Read the rest of this entry »