About Kayd

Kayd has evolved from a group of individuals that coordinated the Somali Week Festival in 2007, (which brought together some of the greatest Somali artists and opinion-makers such as Hadraawi, Gaariye, Abdiqays and Hasan Ganey to London to present their work and engage with other artists and the general public) into an organisation that coordinates regular artistic and cultural events in the Horn of Africa and
Kayd works closely with Redsea-Online, which promotes the culture of reading and writing within the Somali community. We aim to contribute to the development of concept of tolerance and an appreciation of the diversity of Somali cultures through education, writing and reading, performances, festivals, debates and discussions.

For further details, please write Ayan Mahamoud, the Managing Director of Kayd at ayan_mahamoud@kayd.org


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